Kemppi Delta 90 hegesztőpajzs

Delta 90 FreshAir is a robust unit providing all round protection for welding in extreme conditions, such as shipbuilding, mining and construction sites.

Why buy

–        Welding and hard hat protection

–        Provides safe, clean and cool breathing air

–        Positive pressure design makes breathing effortless

–        FreshAir prevents welding lens misting

–        Choose battery powered filter pack or airline supply

–        Mounting for optional high quality ear defenders

–        Choose from standard or automatic welding lens options

–        Meets hard hat standard EN397 and welding certification EN175


Delta 90 FreshAir integrates head, face and respiratory protection in one high strength unit, providing welder’s maximum protection and comfort. In addition, high quality hearing protection can also be integrated as an optional extra.

Delta 90 FreshAir can be combined with either a rechargeable, battery powered FreshAir filter pack or locally supplied breathing air sources. Cool, clean, filtered breathing air is channeled over the welders face, eliminating harmful airborne welding fume and dust contamination. The adjustable face seal, combined with the ‘positive air pressure’ design, creates a safe and easy breathing zone for all day welder comfort and prevents the welding lens from misting.


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