MagTrac F61



A welding carriage to higher productivity and quality



Why buy

–           A magnetic carriage unit for MIG/MAG welding mechanisation


–           Compatible with FastMig KMS and FastMig Pulse welding equipment


–           Compatible with Wise™ welding processes and other Kemppi welding software products


–           Power supply and all necessary cables fully integrated in one cable


–           Fast and easy to set up: only one cable needed


–           Includes Kemppi’s unique gun quick-fixing mechanism (patent pending)


–           Reports heat input value after welding to be utilised when creating welding procedure specification


Kemppi’s MagTrac F 61 is a quick and easy way of changing from manual MIG/MAG welding to productive mechanisation. Operating MagTrac F 61 is similar to operating any ordinary welding machine, so there’s no need for special expertese. With MagTrac F 61 you don’t need auxiliary control cables or transformers, because everything is fully integrated in one cable. Up to 5 times faster than manual welding Productivity, quality, comfort MagTrac F 61 is sold in sales packages that contain everything you need for efficient welding mechanisation: the carriage unit, a synergic FastMig power source, an MXF wire feed unit, a special welding gun and the necessary cables. You can optionally select a package that includes a SuperSnake subfeeder to get up to 15 meters of extra reach. It is compatible with Kemppi’s Wise™ welding processes, which further increase your welding productivity and quality. Full process control is enabled via Kemppi’s LCD control panel, integrated to the MagTrac F 61 carriage. This new control system allows full operational control for both carriage drive and welding parameters alike.



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