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SuperSnake GT12S/GT02SW

  SuperSnake GT12S/GT02SW


More reach to MIG/MAG welding with Kemppi’s SuperSnake subfeeder

The SuperSnake gives welders freedom to move

Kemppi’s SuperSnake GT02S MIG/MAG subfeeders can offer up to 30 metres more reach to MIG/MAG welding. It connects with standard Euro MIG welding guns, including the Kemppi WeldSnake™ range, increasing gun reach by up to 30m from the wire feed cabinet.

Kemppi SuperSnake eliminates the need to transport heavy cumbersome wire feed units and cable sets to the fabrication. Also, it gives you the possibility to adjust welding parameters just where you need them – at the welding end.

SuperSnake, incorporating Kemppi’s GT WireDrive mechanism, is a tough wire drive system that combines with Kemppi’s patented DL-Teflon liner technology. It reduces friction loss and the force required to push filler wire through the feed length.

All SuperSnake models connect to FastMig Pulse MXF wire feeders, but can easily be connected also to FastMig MXF wire feeders with an MXF synchronisation kit.

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